Donald Trump Will Plays Golf at Home

Donald Trump Will Plays Golf at Home

March 23, 2019 0 By Tomas M. Priston

US President Donald Trump loves to play golf The White House has entered two years a little more. At least 139 times he was seen playing golf. He also plays in his own country, he plays on tour. But what is the power of a powerful president and when you go to the field? That’s why he took the help of technology.

Golf Simulator has been built inside the house of the White House. There he will play as well as in the field. But the size of the field is equal to one house. The wall around the house has been covered with a video display. Where the shots will take place, imitation grass has been added to the ground. As usual, golf clubs will hit the trump. The ball will take place at the display. As far as the ball hits the ball, it means that the speed of the ball, the angular position, the direction of the wind and the speed, etc., can be found to go away in the screen by reading the virtual ball. From the White House, there will be a chance to play various virtual tournaments in the different golf course in different countries.

The Washington Post reported in the US magazine that this simulator has been set up for several weeks. For this, the cost is 50 thousand dollars. The US President has paid it out of his pocket. Former President Barack Obama also liked golf, for him, the golf arrangement was within the White House. New arrangements have been made in that area.

Exxon revealed last month by analyzing Donald Trump’s three-month program. It says it does not do anything at 60 percent of the work hours. Seeing big TVs, tweeting or personal conversation on the phone. These times are called ‘Executive Time’. Only after the publication of the report of El Golf Symüller’s establishment. From the point of view of the ‘Executive Time’ now he will spend golfing. However, the report has not been reported yet. Source: Fortune magazine